Bravest Warriors - Temporada 3

Serie [2012]

Creada por: Pendleton Ward


Temporada 3 de Bravest Warriors

La temporada 3 de la serie Bravest Warriors se estrenó el día 10 de Enero de 2017. En esta 3 temporada se realizaron un total de 6 capítulos.

Dan of Future Past

1 - Dan of Future Past

10 de Enero de 2017

Chris returns home from the Parasox Pub, but arrives on Mars ten years too early. With his powers out of control, he is discovered by a young, unitard-clad Danny, who is more than enthusiastic about nurturing him back to health.

Himmel Mancheese

2 - Himmel Mancheese

10 de Enero de 2017

To save a divided race of cute little aliens, the Warriors fly to their planet where Himmel is the only hope for peace. But when Wallow's unscrupulous attitude about hooking up with aliens destroys the kingdom's chance for peace, he is sentenced to death.

Ghosts of the See-Through Zone

3 - Ghosts of the See-Through Zone

24 de Enero de 2017

While spending the evening in the city with Plum, Beth is in turmoil over who she loves more: Chris or Danny, lamenting how either decision will tear apart the Bravest Warriors. Back home, in the meantime, the group is being torn apart by interdimensional phantasms.

Fast Times at Saturn Oaks

4 - Fast Times at Saturn Oaks

07 de Febrero de 2017

At the Saturn Oaks Galleria--a popular teen hangout floating in the rings of Saturn--Chris must foil a food court heist before it's too late, but the crushing prospect of Beth falling for a new guy makes his mission all the more difficult.

Everything Is Okay

5 - Everything Is Okay

21 de Febrero de 2017

Catbug, Impossibear, and the other pets open the Invisible Hideout as a Bravest Warriors museum, while Hamster Mitch, AKA The Lord of Morality, is on a mission to seek the wisdom of the Paralyzed Horse.

Emotion Fjord

6 - Emotion Fjord

07 de Marzo de 2017

Plum leads the Warriors to the Emotion Fjord to find Captain Seward, who can give Chris the protection he needs from deathly emoverload.

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